Welcome! Dentistry of  Tallinn «ProSmile».

We are sincerely glad to welcome every visitor in our dentistry in Tallinn. A friendly team of professionals will help everyone who needs dental services in Tallinn. After all, nowadays  a dentist is not only a person who is engaged in dentistry but primarily is a trustworthy  person, who is responsible for the patient’s health who has turned to a doctor. In our dentistry in Tallinn, you really can feel yourself in the hands of professionals who  understand all the responsibilities that are assigned to them.

First and foremost we are focused on qualitative treatment and rendering assistance to those in need of our services. Our doctors constantly improve their theoretical and practical skills at various dental congresses and symposia. The professionalism of each is the key to the success of teamwork. We provide the whole range of dental services, from prevention to all sorts of highly esthetic orthopedic and surgical procedures.

"Providing first priority assistance for acute pain." - one of the rules of our dentistry.

After visiting us, you will be pleasantly surprised by the pricing policy of our dentistry in Tallinn. High quality at affordable prices - this is real.

Our doctors

Dziuba Dmytro (D08244)
Dental surgery and prosthetic

The doctor conducts all types of surgical treatment, from simple operations to
complex removal of retested eighth teeth, implantation and various types of bone
plastic. All kinds of removable and non-removable prosthetics, as well as implants.

Holubieva Natalia (D08243)
Dental therapy

Professional teeth cleaning. Specializes in the treatment of root canal systems,
aesthetic restoration of all groups of teeth, whitening with various systems.

Tkachuk Sergii (D08651)
Dental prosthetic and therapy

The doctor conducts all kinds of orthopedic rehabilitation of the oral cavity. Highly
aesthetic prosthetics and restoration of dental rows, with the help of laminates and
ceramic veneers 360 degrees.