In our life, the word prevention is found almost everywhere, and dentistry is no exception. It is one of the most important sectors in which prevention is of great importance. After all, if each of us did prophylaxis in Tallinn, as it really should be, then the work amount of dentists would significantly decrease. Significant part of the patients visit us due to the reason that they simply did not adhere to elementary preventive measures, which provokes the development of many diseases. The main rules of prevention include regular teeth brushing, constant visit to the dentist, use of special hygiene products for the oral cavity and, of course, it is desirable to get rid of bad habits that can damage your teeth and their enamel. By observing all these rules, it is possible to significantly reduce the chance of the disease of your teeth and gums. And if your teeth hurt less and do not bother you, then it is easier to live and of course in our time it will significantly reduce the expenses for a visit to a doctor.

Even if you are sure that your teeth are in perfect condition and do not bother you at all, you can never be 100% sure about it, because there are cases where the disease starts to spread very slowly and you can just not feel it. When the tooth begins to hurt it means that it has  brought to the point where the disease has already destroyed some part of the tooth and reached the sensitive area. If you visit the dentist regularly at least 2 times a year, even without any reason at all, then you can be sure that your teeth are in good condition. Many can agree with the fact that it is always better to go to the dentist  not because something hurts or bothers you, but because you just need to be calm that everything is in good condition. Healthy teeth - do not hurt!

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