Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening 

Probably many people have met in their lives people who do not brush their teeth every day or do not clean them at all. There are many theories and facts that prove this or that rightness of these hypotheses. This is due to the fact that in our life there are many ways to take care of your teeth, even without a toothbrush. Nowadays everyone dream of having a perfect white smile. We suggest that you learn and try what is  teeth whitening in Tallinn. Today you can come and see for yourself what the new generation of technologies and methods for teeth whitening means. Our dentistry will present you the Hollywood smile of which every person dreams.In our dentistry there is a way that will suit every patient who wants to have a snow-white smile.

For a long time, not everyone believed that whitening of teeth can be done by everyone and will receive such a result about which one has dreamt for a long time, today everything has become possible and accessible to absolutely every person. Our dentistry provides several types of whitening: whitening directly in the dentist's office;  bleaching at home with the help of individual caps and in addition you can wear it at home or at work or wherever you feel comfortable and at the same time your teeth change its tone every day. There are also a lot of stories about the fact that some kind of enamel layer is removed during whitening, which is bad for the teeth, it is not so, but teeth whitening does not bring any benefit. There are also several contraindications in teeth whitening and the procedure is not recommended for people with very sensible teeth and for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

For all possible contraindications, it is best to seek help directly from your doctor. After passing the whitening phase, the color of the teeth will be substantially clarified and you will immediately see the difference. And most importantly, this kind of bleaching allows you to get a long-term result which does not always require a repetition of this procedure.

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